Hotels & Cars by Points可額外獲得30%的裡程,訂酒店和汽車

  • 開始時間:2022-11-10 過期時間:2022-12-31

 促銷和預訂期:從 1.11 開始。至 2022 年 12 月 31 日。酒店住宿或汽車租賃可以在預訂期限之外。

• 在指定的酒店或汽車優惠中,除了每晚至少 1,000 英裡的常規獎勵裡程、每租一天至少 250 英裡的常規獎勵裡程外,您還将額外赢取 30% 的獎勵裡程。

• 每個Miles & More飛常裡程彙會員每預訂一次酒店和一次汽車租賃,隻能獲得一份獎勵。每次住宿和租賃僅限一次獎勵。

• 此優惠不能與“Hotels & Cars by Points”的其他酒店或租車促銷活動結合使用。

• 必須僅通過此登錄頁面進行預訂,并且需要進行預訂,即不包括取消預訂。

• 在搜索結果中,所有符合促銷條件的優惠都會在裡程數和促銷裡程數旁邊顯示一個删除線。

• 如果住宿或租賃已經執行且未被取消,則常規獎勵裡程和額外獎勵裡程将在退房或還車兩周後自動記入您的 Miles & More 飛常裡程彙帳戶。

• 這項服務是為私人旅行者提供的。

30% more Miles on select Hotel & Car bookings until December 31st.

Terms & Conditions:

• Promotional and booking period: from 1.11. to 31.12.2022. The hotel stay or the car rental can be outside the booking period.

• On select hotel or car offers you will earn 30% more award miles, in addition to the regular award miles of at least 1,000 award miles per night, at least 250 award miles per rental day.

• Limited to one bonus per Miles & More member for each a hotel and a car rental booking. Limited to one bonus per stay and rental.

• This offer cannot be combined with other hotel or rental car promotions on "Hotels & Cars by Points".

• The booking must be made exclusively via this landing page and needs to be carried out, i.e. cancellations are excluded.

• In the search results, all offers eligible for the promotion are shown with a strike through mileage amount and the promotional mileage amount next to it.

• The regular award miles plus the additional award miles will be credited to your Miles & More account automatically 2 weeks after check-out or the car return, if the stay or the rental has been carried out and has not been cancelled.

• This service is proposed for private travellers.